About KLI Records


Kli Records is the brainchild of MBA/brand manager/strategist Dani Endrei and recording artist/entrepreneur Yael Meyer.

Kli Records has key connections in the industry, having worked closely with an array of networks such as ABC, MTV, CBS, CW and Lifetime, negotiated and secured synch licenses for feature films, TV shows and runways, as well as created international touring strategies that have included bookings at venues, music festivals and radio stations around the world. (Sziget, Lollapalooza, Washington Jewish Festival, KCRW, to name a few).

Through our record label and KLI Publishing arm we work with an array of talent from around the globe and represent both publishing and masters for a diverse roster of music that includes Hip-Hop, Funk, Latin Rock, Latin Funk, Folk, Singer-songwriter, Electronic-Dance and Pop. All of our catalog is one-stop-shop.

We have also secured sponsorships from leading brands around the globe including LG, Hush Puppies, Lenovo, Ovation Guitars and others on behalf of our artists creating marketing campaigns, and developing/executing exciting projects where art, media and the brand collide in an integrated experience, enhancing market awareness and generating word of mouth effect for both the artist and the brand.

We are technology savvy. Driven to connect with new listeners globally. We believe in working synergistically with music houses, music supervisors, music managers, concert promoters, producers, radio stations and film directors, because collaboration breeds innovation.

Our goal is to effect positive change through music, media and the arts.